How to use Adaptive Cruise Control(ACC)

The Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) feature is used to set your speed without using the gas pedal. This vehicle will control the speed keeping a safe distance to match the speed of the vehicle in front of you. This feature uses radar located underneath the front grill to maintain these certain speeds. To set up this feature push the on button located on your steering wheel.  A grey indicator will be displayed on your dashboard with distance bars showing you that it is in standby mode ready for it to be programmed with optional speed settings. If a vehicle is registered by the radar then a vehicle icon will be put above the distance bars. . 

The ACC will become active and the set speed will then be posted in the indicator on the dash board. To adjust the gap between you and another vehicle press the plus (+accelerate) or minus (- decelerate) set distance button. This button has an icon featuring lane distance and a vehicle on top of it which is located on your steering wheel. Pressing this button will change the gap using five options. When there is a vehicle being detected in front of you the vehicle then speeds up to the designated cruise control speed. Use the toggle switch to increase or decrease speeds. This feature can be canceled at anytime by tapping on the breaks or hitting the cancel button on the steering wheel. While passing a vehicle your cruise control is put into standby mode. If a vehicle stops in front of you this feature will automatically stop your vehicle and give you a red light indicator on your winscreen.

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